Mechanical Engineering Questions And Answers :: Production Management And Industrial Engineering: part1

Mechanical Engineering : Production Management And Industrial Engineering QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following Mechanical Engineering Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in BSNL JTO, GATE 2021 and IES 2021 examinations :

1.Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to

determine overhead expenses
provide a basis for setting piece prices or incentive wages
determine standard costs
determine the capability of an operator to handle the number of machines
compare alternative methods.

2.Break-even analysis consists of

fixed cost
variable cost
fixed and variable costs
operation costs
none of the above.

3.Job evaluation is the method-of determining the

relative worth of jobs
skills required by a worker
contribution of a worker
contribution of a job
effectiveness of various alternatives.

4.Work study is concerned with

improving present method and finding standard time
motivation of workers
improving production capability
improving production planning and control
all of the above.

5.Work study is done with the help of

process chart
material handling
stop watch
all of the above
none of the above.

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