IIT JEE Entrance Questions and Answers

Sequence & Series Probability Permutations & Combinations
Numerical Methods
Atoms,Molecules& Nuclei Capacitor Circular Motion Centre of Mass
Current Electricity Description of Motion Elasticity
Electric field & Potential Electromagnetic Induction & Waves Electrons & Dual nature of matter & Radiations
Fluids at Rest Fluids in Motion Gravitation
Heat & Thermodynamics Kinetic Theory of Gases Laws of Motion
Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism Motion in 2&3 Dimensions Oscillation & Waves
Principles of Communication Ray optics & Optical Instruments
Alcohols & Phenols Aldehydes & Ketones Atomic Structure
Biomolecules & Biological Processes Atoms Molecules & Chemical Arithmetic Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives
Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structures Chemical Energetics & Thermodynamics Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Families Periodic Properties Chemistry of Heavier Metals Chemistry of Hydrocarbons
Chemistry of Lighter Metals Chemistry of non Metals Chemistry of Representative Elements
Coordination Chemistry & Organometallics Environmental Chemistry Fundamental Concepts of Organic Chemistry
Gaseous State Isomerism & Stereochemistry Nuclear Chemistry
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Purification of Organic Compounds
Qualitative Inorganic Analysis Rates of Chemical Reactions & Chemical Kinetics Redox Reactions & Electrochemistry
Solid State Solutions Surfaces & Catalysis
Synthetic & Natural Polymers Transition Metals Including Lanthanides

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