IIT JEE Questions And Answers :: Electric Field And Potential: part1

IIT JEE : Electric Field And Potential QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following IIT JEE Entrance Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in Maths, Physics and Chemistry 2024 examinations :

1.Force acting upon a charged particle, kept between the charged pair of plates is F. If one of the plates is removed, force acting on the same particle will become

F / 2
2 F

2.A point charge placed at any point on the axis of an electric dipole at some large distance experiences a force F. The force acting on the point charge when its distance from the dipole is quadrupled will be

F / 16
F / 24
F / 32
F / 64

3.Two points charges + 4e and + e are x distance apart. At what distance a charge q must be placed from charged + e so that q is in equilibrium

x / 2
2x / 3
x / 3
x / 6

4.Two electric charges 2q and 8q are placed at a distance of 6a on a horizontal plane. The distance of the location of the point from charge q where the electric field is zero is

1.5 a
2.5 a

5.A proton is moved between two points whose potential difference is 30 V. The kinetic energy acquired in e V is

30 e V
10 e V
20 e V
40 e V

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