IIT JEE Questions And Answers :: Gravitation: part1

IIT JEE : Gravitation QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following IIT JEE Entrance Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in Maths, Physics and Chemistry 2014 examinations :

1.If an artificial satellite is moving in a circular orbit around the earth with a speed equal to half the magnitude of the escape velocity from the earth, the height of the satellite above the surface of the earth is:


2.The time period of a simple pendulum at the centre of earth is:

less than zero
none of these

3.A satellite is orbiting very close to planet. Its time period depends only upon:

density of the planet
mass of the planet
radius of the planet
mass of the satellite

4.The minimum energy required to launch a m kg satellite from earths surface in a circular orbit at an altitude of 2R where R is the radius of earth, will be:

5/6 mgR

5.If suddenly the gravitational force of attraction between earth and a satellite revolving around it becomes zero, then the satellite will:

continue to move in its orbit with same velocity
move tangentially to the original orbit with the same velocity
become stationary in its orbit
move towards the earth

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