IIT JEE Questions And Answers :: Fluids At Rest: part1

IIT JEE : Fluids At Rest QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following IIT JEE Entrance Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in Maths, Physics and Chemistry 2014 examinations :

1.A neckless weighing 50 g in air, but it weighs 46 g in water. Assume copper is mixed with gold to prepare the neckless. How much copper is present in it? (Specific gravity of gold is 20 and that of copper is 10)

m = 25 g
m = 30 g
m = 35 g
m = 20 g

2.Bernoullis equation is based upon:

isochoric process
isobaric process
isothermal process
adiabatic process

3.A vessel contains oil (density 0.8 g/cc) over mercury (density 13.6 g/cc). A homogeneous sphere floats with half its volume immersed in mercury and the other half in oil. The density of the material of the sphere in g/cc is:


4.The force of buoyancy on an immersed body is:

due to weight of the body
due to the pressure difference between upper surface and lower surface of the body
due to atmospheric pressure
both A and B are correct

5.A boat is floating on the surface of water in a tank carrying steel balls. If the balls are thrown into the tank one by one, how will it affect the level of water?

It will rise
It will fall
It will remain unchanged
First it will rise and then fall

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