Electrical Engineering Questions And Answers :: Switchgear Protections: part3

Electrical Engineering : Switchgear Protections QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part3 : 1 to 5

Following Electrical Engineering Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in BSNL JTO, GATE 2024 and IES 2024 examinations :

1.Distance relays are generally

split-phase relays
reactance relays
impedance relays
none of the above

2.Which of the following parameter can be neglected for a short line ?


3.Discrimination between main and back up protection is provided by the use of relays which are

none of the above

4.The short circuit in any winding of the transformer is the result of

mechanical vibration
insulation failure
loose connection
impulse voltage

5.The relay with inverse time characteristic will operate within

1.5 sec
5 to 10 sec
5 to 20 sec
20 to 30 sec

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