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Electrical Engineering : Power Systems QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part1 : 11 to 15

Following Electrical Engineering Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in BSNL JTO, GATE 2024 and IES 2024 examinations :

11.A power station supplies the peak load of 60 Mw, 40 MW and 70 MW to three localities. The annual load factor is 0.50 p.u. and the diversity factor of the load at the station is 1.55. The maximum demand on the station and average load respectively will be

120 MW, 60.8
90 MW, 50.6
103.2 MW, 51.61
100 MW, 0.51

12.What is the utilization factor of a power station which supplies the following loads? Load A: Motor load of200 kW between 10 AM to7PM Load B : Lighting load of 100 kW between 7 PM to 11 PM Load C : Pumping load of 110 kW between 3 PM to 10 AM


13.When bundle conductors are used in place of single conductors, the effective inductance and capacitance will respectively

increase and decrease
decrease and increase
decrease and remain unaffected
remain unaffected and increase

14.In the above question, the maximum energy that could be produced daily is

500 MWhlday
360 MWhIday
600 MWhlday
720 MWhlday

15.The per unit impedance ofa circuit element is 0.15. If the base kV and base MVA are halved, then the new value of the per unit impedance of the circuit element will be


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