UGC NET Question Papers :: June 2012 Paper 3: part1

UGC NET : June 2012 Paper 3 QUESTION PAPERS :: part1 : 31 to 35

Following UGC NET Multiple choice objective type questions and answers were taken from old (previous year) question papers. It may helps you in UGC NET 2024, NET 2024 examinations :

31.Stanford Binet Scale measures the following attribute of an individual


32.the view that ´┐ŻAnything can be taught at any stage of development´┐Ż was expressed by


33.The title of the Report of Education Commission (1964-66) is

Learning without Burden
An Enlightened and Humane Society
Education and the People of India
Education and National Development

34.The Vedas teach us that

creation is without beginning
creation is without an end
creation is without beginning and without end
creation has a definite beginning and also end

35.Which of the following is similar to case study?

Longitudinal studies
Social surveys
Follow up studies
Horizontal studies

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