UGC NET Question Papers :: June 2007 Paper 2: part1

UGC NET : June 2007 Paper 2 QUESTION PAPERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following UGC NET Multiple choice objective type questions and answers were taken from old (previous year) question papers. It may helps you in UGC NET 2013, NET 2014 examinations :

1.�Epistemology� is mainly concerned with

Aims of education
Freedom and discipline
Methods of instruction

2.In two throws of a coin, what is the probability of throwing at least one head


3.Personality Inventory is similar to questionnaire except that in personality inventory questions are

Worded in second person�s form
Worded in first person�s form
Open ended

4.When the nature of population from which samples are drawn is not known to be normal, the data can be analysed by

Parametric Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Descriptive Statistics
Fundamental Statistics

5.When more than one observer is engaged in research setting, is called as

Space Triangulation
Investigator Triangulation
Combined Triangulation

More June 2007 Paper 2 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS available in next pages

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