UGC NET Question Papers :: December 2012 Paper 2: part1

UGC NET : December 2012 Paper 2 QUESTION PAPERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following UGC NET Multiple choice objective type questions and answers were taken from old (previous year) question papers. It may helps you in UGC NET 2013, NET 2014 examinations :

1.In Tagorian Education System the child learns better by I. Debates and Discussion. II. Reading, Writing and Speaking. III. Dance, Drama, and Music. IV. Travelling and interacting with nature In the context of the above, which statement are true?

All I,II,III, and IV are true
Statement I,III, and IV are true
Statement I,II, and III are true
Statement II,III, and IV are true

2.Who Propounded Self Theory of Personality


3.When the questions are presented to the respondents in a face-to-face situation and the interviewer fills out the query rather than the subjects it is known as

An inventory
A questionnaire
A schedule
A test

4.Assertion (A) : Motivation is important in the process of teaching and learning. Reason (R) : Motivation is attraction towards a goal and clarifies it�s meaning

Only (A) is correct and (R) is incorrect.
Only (A) is correct.
Only (R) is correct.
Both (A) and (R) are correct

5.An existentialistic teacher should emphasize on

Subjective feelings
Cooperative living

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