UGC NET Question Papers :: December 2007 Paper 2: part1

UGC NET : December 2007 Paper 2 QUESTION PAPERS :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following UGC NET Multiple choice objective type questions and answers were taken from old (previous year) question papers. It may helps you in UGC NET 2013, NET 2014 examinations :

1.Intelligence is define as

sum total of mental abilities
abstract thinking to solve problems
critical thinking required for adjustment
ability to solve problems and adjustment

2.Learning disabled children lack

proper reasoning as thinking abilities
social adjustment
motor control
hyper activity

3.Who among the following has not proposed a theory of adjustment?

S. Freud
Watson. John. B
Lazarus, R.S
Carl G. Jung

4.Prediction about dependent variable based on covariance of more than two independent variable is possible in

Cononical analysis
Multivariate analysis
Multivariate regression analysis
Multivariate discriminant analysis

5.’Value consisted in the flowering of innate potentialities of the individual’. Who possesses this view point?


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