UGC NET Question Papers :: Aptitude June 2006 1: part1

UGC NET : Aptitude June 2006 1 QUESTION PAPERS :: part1 : 11 to 15

Following UGC NET Multiple choice objective type questions and answers were taken from old (previous year) question papers. It may helps you in UGC NET 2013, NET 2014 examinations :

11.The text of the passage reflects or raises certain questions

The authority of the commission cannot be challenged
This would help in stopping the criminalization of Indian politics
This would reduce substantially the number of contesting candidates
This would ensure fair and free election

12.Use of an ordinary telephone as an Internet appliance is called

voice net
voice telephone
voice line
voice portal

13.Networked media exist in inter-connected

social environments
economic environments
political environments
technological environments

14.While all river of Peninsular Indian flow into the Bay of Bengal, Narmada and Tapti flow into the Arabian Sea because these two river

Follows the slope of these rift valleys
The general slopes of the Indian peninsula is form east to west
The Indian peninsula north of the Satpura ranges, is titled towards the west
The Indian peninsula south of the Satpura ranges is titled towards east

15.The average of four consecutive even numbers is 27. The largest of these numbers is


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