GROUP 2A 2012 PAPER Questions & Answers: part1

GROUP 2A 2012 PAPER QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: 2024 :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you as a free online coaching for your TNPSC written exam preparation for 2017. These are useful study materials collected from previous year question papers. :

1.Select the correct option to complete the sentence:
If he is played cricket well.

he will win
he would win the prize
he would have won the prize
he would won the prize

2.Find out the sentence that has no adjective:

My friend presented me a pen
He selected the red car
The baby is sleeping with a beautiful doll
He is a courageous man

3.Identify the sentence:
Besides being a singer,she is a good dancer.

none of these

4.Give the suitable order of articles in the blanks of the given passage.Write the correct codes given below:
It is not......easy thing to be....good citizen.To be ...good citizen is as difficult as to be ....good student.


5.Identify the degree and choose the correct answer:
The child has a slight cold

Superlative degree
Comparative degree
Positive degree
None of these

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