GROUP 2A 2010 PAPER Questions & Answers: part1

GROUP 2A 2010 PAPER QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: 2024 :: part1 : 1 to 5

Following Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you as a free online coaching for your TNPSC written exam preparation for 2017. These are useful study materials collected from previous year question papers. :


feed upon organic decayed food from the soil
take food from planets
take food into endoplasm
take food from earthworm

2.Which metal is used for Galvanisation of iron ?


3.Besalt and granite belong to which type of rocks ?

Igneous rocks
Metamorphic rocks
Sedimentary rocks
None of these

4.The pioneer scholar of chronology is

Mariamalai Adigal
S.Vaiyapuri rocks
K.K.Pillai registered as the custodian of fundamental rights.

Prime Minister
Police Commissioner
Chief Ministers

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