Software Engineering Questions & Answers: part1

Software Programming : Software Engineering QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part1 : 6 to 10

Following Software Programming language Entrance Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in Software Programming 2024 examinations :

6.Which property of the rapid prototype is not important?

The speed with which it can be developed
The speed with which it can be modified
Its ability to determine the client's real needs
The insights that the design team can gain from it, even if they are of the 'how not to do it' variety
Its internal structure.

7.The relationship between a derived class (or subclass) and base class is referred to as


8.Read the following paragraph and identify the correct statement. “Imagine that you were recently hired as a software engineer to a company that specializes in aircraft navigation control software. While orientating yourselves to the company’s work practices, you observe that they in fact do not conduct a few tests that they should in order to comply with the relevant safety standard. When you inquire about this from the project manager, he dismisses it saying that those tests are really unnecessary (and takes an unreasonably long time to conduct, as well as being superfluous) and that they have managed with the other tests for so long, without any problems.”

You should immediately resign from the company and file a complaint with the relevant standard institution
You should do nothing and let the matter slide
Although you are new to the company, and you hardly know anything about the internal processes and politics, you should insist on the company changing its work practices immediately; failing which you threaten to report the matter
Since you are new to the company, and you are unfamiliar with the internal processes and politics, you should first find-out more about the issue and its background
None of the above statements are correct.

9.An example of the risk involved in software development is

Key personnel may resign before the product is complete
The manufacturer of critical components (e.g. the hardware associated with a real-time system) may go bankrupt
Technology changes may render the product obsolete
Competitors may market a fully functional lower-cost equivalent package
All of these are risks involved in software development.

10.Which of the following items should not be included in the software project management plan?

The techniques and case tools to be used
Detailed schedules, budgets and resource allocations
The life cycle model to be used
The organisational structure of the development organisation, project responsibilities, managerial objectives and priorities
None of the above.

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