Computer Architecture Questions & Answers: part2

Software Programming : Computer Architecture QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part2 : 1 to 5

Following Software Programming language Entrance Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in Software Programming 2024 examinations :

1.The CPU nearly delays its operation for one memory cycle, to allow direct memory I/O transfer. This process is called,

Burst transfer
Cycle waiting
Cycle stealing
Cycle interrupting
Cycle execution.

2.The correspondence between the main memory blocks and those in the cache is specified by

Mapping function
Replacement algorithm
Hit rate
Miss penalty
Segment function.

3.To convert octal code to binary code which of the following digital functions should be used?

Binary adder.

4.System Software usually includes a program called a --------, which helps the programmer find errors in a program.

Write Buffer
Read Buffer
Both (opt1) and (opt3) above
Both (opt2) and (opt3) above.

5.Which of the following representation requires the least number of bits to store the number +255?

2�s complement
1�s complement
Unsigned binary
Signed binary.

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