Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers :: Comparison of Ranks : PART4

Logical Reasoning Ability Test : Comparison of Ranks QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1 to 10

Directions for Q: Following questions are based on the information given below. Read the information carefully and then answer the questions that follow:

(i)Seven students P Q, R, S, T, U and V take a series of tests.
(ii)No two students get similar marks.
(iii)V always scores more than P.
(iv)P always scores more than Q
(v)Each time either R scores the highest and T gets the least, or alternatively S scores the highest and U or Q scores the least.
1. If R is ranked second and Q is ranked fifth, which of these must be true?

S is ranked third
P is ranked third
V is ranked fourth
T is ranked sixth
U is ranked sixth

2. If S is ranked sixth and Q is ranked fifth, which of the following can be true?

V is ranked fifth or fourth
R is ranked second or third
P is ranked second or fifth
U is ranked third or fourth
T is ranked fourth or fifth

3. If V is ranked fifth, which of these must be true?

S scores the highest
R is ranked second
T is ranked third
Q is ranked fourth
U scores the least

4. If R gets the most, V should be ranked not lower than


5. Information given in which of the statement is superfluous?

None is superfluous
None of these

6. If S is ranked second, which of the following can be true?

P gets more than R
V gets more than S
P gets more than S
T gets more than Q
U gets more than V

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