Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers :: Coding And Decoding: part7

Logical Reasoning Ability Test : Coding And Decoding QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part7 : 1 to 5

Directions for Q: Study the following statements A, B, C, D and E and then answer the questions that follow: (A) 1, 5, 9 means : `you better go’ (B) 1, 6, 7 means : `better come here’ (C) 5, 6, 7 means : `you come here’ (D) 1, 5, 6 means : `better you here’ (E) 3, 7, 9 means : `come and go’

1. In a certain code language (a) `room jam� means `hellow tej jaw�, (b) `pass Kus su� means ` Tum bhee jawo� and (c) `Tum ������� da; means `Hellow yahan aawo�, Which of the following means `Tej� in that code language?

Data inadequate
None of these

2. Which numeral is used for `go�?

Cannot be determined
None of these

3. Which numeral means `and�?

None of these

4. Which of the following group of minimum statements are necessary to find the code number of `better�?

A & B
D & E
C & D
B & E
None of these

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