Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers :: Arithmetic Reasoning: part3

Logical Reasoning Ability Test : Arithmetic Reasoning QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part3 : 6 to 10

6. 15 years ago the difference between the ages of two persons was 10 years. The elder one was twice as old as the younger one. The present age of the elder person is:

25 years
35 years
45 years
55 years
opt 5

7. The age of Arvind�s father is 4 times of his age. If 5 years ago, father�s age was 7 times of the age of his son, what is the age of Arvind�s father at present?

35 years
40 years
70 years
84 years
opt 5

8. Rajan�s age is 3 times than that of Ashok. In 12 years, Rajan�s age will be double the age of Ashok. Rajan�s present age is:

27 years
32 years
36 years
40 years
opt 5

9. 10 years ago, Chandravati�s mother was 4 times older than her daughter. After 10 years, the mother will be twice older than the daughter. The present age of Chandravati is:

5 years
10 years
20 years
30 years
opt 5

10. A bus starts from city X. The number of women in the bus is half the number of men. In the city Y, 10 men left the bus and five women boarded in to it. Now, number of men and women becomes equal. In the beginning, how many passengers entered the bus?

opt 5

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