IIT JEE Questions And Answers :: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen: part2

IIT JEE : Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part2 : 1 to 5

Following IIT JEE Entrance Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in Maths, Physics and Chemistry 2014 examinations :

1.Methyl carbylamine is treated with ozone, the product formed is

Formic acid
Formic acid and methyl amine
Methyl isocyanate

2.In order to produce ethyl isothiocyanate, which of the following reagents are required ?

Ethyl amine and sulpyur
Ethanamide and sulpyur
Ethyl carbylamine and sulphur
Ethyl cyanide and sulphur.

3.Which of the following reagent can be used to convert benzene diazonium chloride to benzene?

Phosphorus acid
Phosphoric acid
Hypophosphoric acid
Metaphosphoric acid.

4.Which is least reactive to nitratio ?


5.Which of the following amine will not react with benzoyl chloride ?

isopropyl amine
N, N-Diethyl aniline
N-methyl aniline.

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