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Computer GK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 129 to 136

129. In Ms-Dos what command you will use to display system date?

Date command
Ver command
Disk command
Format command

130. Generally, the DATE is entered in the form


131. Format command is used to

Prepare a blank disk
Create a new blank disk from a used one
Both of above
None of above

132. In which version of DOS. CHKDSK command has been changed to SCANDISK?


133. What is meant by a dedicated computer?

which is used by one person only
which is assigned to one and only one task
which does one kind of software
which is meant for application software only

134. Which of the following statement is incorrect?

The difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmission is the clocking derived from the data in synchronous transmission.
Half duplex line is a communication line in which data can move in two directions, but not at the same time.
Teleprocessing combines telecommunications and DP techniques in online activities
Batch processing is the prefered processing mode for telecommunication operation.

135. A remote batch-processing operation in which data is solely input to a central computer would require

telegraphp line
simplex lines
mixed bad channel
all of above

136. Which command displays only file and directory names without size, date and time information?

Dir a:
Dir /b
Dir /s

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