Electrical Engineering Questions And Answers :: Dc Motors: part2

Electrical Engineering : Dc Motors QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: part2 : 21 to 25

Following Electrical Engineering Multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in BSNL JTO, GATE 2024 and IES 2024 examinations :

21.Which one of the following is not the function of pole shoes in a D.C. machine ?

To reduce eddy current loss
To support the field coils
To spread out flux for better unifor-mity
To reduce the reluctance of the mag-netic path

22.Which of the following motor is preferred for operation in highly explosive atmosphere ?

Series motor
Shunt motor
Air motor
Battery operated motor

23.Sparking at the commutator of a D.C. motor may result in

damage to commutator segments
damage to commutator insulation
increased power consumption
all of the above

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