Arithmetic Questions And Answers :: Stock Shares: part1

Stock Shares QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: Arithmetic : part1 : 6 to 10

Following Stock Shares multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in many types of 2024 job and other entrance examinations :

6.To produce an annual income of Rs. 500 in a 4% stock at 90, the amount of stock needed is:

Rs. 11250
Rs. 12500
Rs. 18000
Rs. 20000

7.A man bought 20 shares of Rs. 50 at 5 discount, the rate of dividend being 4 %. The rate of interest obtained is:


8.By investing in 3 stock at 96%, one earns Rs. 100. The investment made is:

Rs. 36000
Rs. 3600
Rs. 2560
Rs. 4800

9.Which is better investment, 4% stock at par with an income tax at the rate of 5 paise per rupee or 4 stock at 110 free from income tax?

4% at par with income tax
4 % at 110 free from income tax
both are equally good
man invested Rs. 388 in a stock at 97 to obtain an income of Rs. 22. The dividend from the stock is:

10.A man buys Rs. 20 shares paying 9% dividend. The man wants to have an interest of 12% on his money. The market value of each share must be:

Rs. 12
Rs. 15
Rs. 18
Rs. 21

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