Compound Interest Questions And Answers :: part1 : Arithmetic

Compound Interest QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: Arithmetic : part1 : 1 to 5

Following Compound Interest multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in many types of 2024 job and other entrance examinations :

1.The compound interest on Rs. 2800 for 1 ½ years at 10% per annum, is:

Rs. 441.35
Rs. 436.75
Rs. 434
Rs. 420

2.If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 12.5% per annum is RS. 170, the simple interest is:

RS. 150
RS. 152.50
RS. 160
RS. 162.50

3.A sum is invested at compound interest payable annually. The interest in two successive years was Rs. 500 and Rs. 540. The sum is:

Rs. 3750
RS. 5000
RS. 5600
Rs. 6250

4.Simple interest on a sum at 4% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 80. The compound interest on the same sum for the same period is:

none of these

5.At what rate of compound interest per annum will a sum of RS. 1200 become Rs. 1348.32 in 2years?


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