Arithmetic Questions And Answers :: Area: part2

Area QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS :: Arithmetic : part2 : 6 to 10

Following Area multiple choice objective type questions and answers will help you in many types of 2024 job and other entrance examinations :

6.The length of a plot is four times its breadth. A playground measuring 1200 square metres occupies a third of the total area of the plot. What is the lengthof the plot in metres?

none of these

7.The ratio between the length and breadth of a rectangular field is 5:4, the breadth is 20 metres less than the length, the perimeter of the field is:

260 m
280 m
360 m
none of these

8.The length of a rectangle is increased by 60%. By what per cent would the width have to be decreased to maintain the same area?

37 %

9.The length and breadth of a playground are 36 m and 21 m respectively Flagstaffs are required to be fixed on all along the boundary at 3 distance of 3 m apart. The number of flagstaffs will be:


10.One side of a rectangular field is 4 metres and its diagonal is 50 metrs. The area of the field is:

12 m2
15 m2
20 m2

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